Inspired by Beauty

Three Teslas, three visual artists, one SpaceX launch into orbital sunrise.

“Dawn of a New Era” is the first in a creative series marking the awakening of the Space Age and humanity’s achievements in engineering and exploration.

A collaboration by Erik Kuna, Tom Cross and Ryan Chylinski.

The Images

Art + Science. Science appeals to our rational brain but our behavior is largely affected by emotion. Through unique creative imagery, it's our goal to share a little of what it's like to experience the emotion of a launch and see these achievements firsthand. We're grateful for your encouragement and support.


The emotion and light during the CRS-15 liftoff were piercing… awakening. In a small way we hope to share some of those feelings. Video includes VAB observation footage by Mary Liz Bender.

Behind the Scenes

Ryan Chylinski, Erik Kuna and Tom Cross sat down for a 60-minute roundtable to discuss the inspiration and process behind Dawn of a New Era.

Meet the Team


Erik Kuna

Producer, Photographer

Ryan Chylinski

Producer, Photographer

Tom Cross

Producer, Photographer


Help create future work

Your encouragement and support makes all this possible. To say thanks we’re happy to provide all donors with a download pack including images custom formatted for phone and screen backgrounds.

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